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Select from a verified list of BEE Empowering Suppliers

  • Purchasing from BEEDEX Empowering Suppliers will give buyers the assurance that Preferential Procurement Points can be claimed.
  • BEEDEX only list verified enterprises and makes provision for reviews of other client references.
  • BEE suppliers operating in your area and industry can easily be identified and searched.


Post Short Term Work, RFQ's/Tenders on a secure database

  • Corporate Clients or Government Institutions can post Request For Tenders/Quotes or Short Term Work on a secure database.
  • Give your BEE verified suppliers the opportunity to bid for these tenders or work and submit quotes and increase your Preferential Procurement score.
  • Manage your BEE Certificate and Tax Clearance Database to  ensure that they are current and valid.

Calculate Preferential Procurement targets HERE >>>

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HELPLINE - 087 802 6239

Calculate your ED target
Search Verified Suppliers in your Area.

-Blue "Sponsor Now" id's Category A 

-Select one or more suppliers.

-ED Spend report will be generated.

-Click on the submit button.

-E-mail invoice/list of entities is sent.

-Pay & receive a spend report/profile.

-BEE Certificates per entity is sent.

-Submit to your Verification Agency

-Claim ED points. 


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